Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chiropractic neurology and Functional neurology? 

Chiropractic Neurology is a specialty of the Chiropractic profession. Individuals carryings title have obtained a minimum of 300 hours of post-doctorate education and training. It is only after the doctor passes in-depth written and practical examinations administered by the American Chiropractic Neurolgy Board that the doctor is recognized as a Chiropractic Neurologist. The specialty is recognized by the American Chiropractic Association and the certifyication is NCCA/NOCA accredited. There are less than 700 board certified chiropractic neurologists worldwide and only 4 in Houston, TX.

What conditions do you see? 

The conditions we rehabilitate include but are not limited to: ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, developmental disorders, vertigo, disequilibrium, dizziness, movement disorders, dystonia, Parkinson’s, headaches, dementia, Alzheimer’s, mild brain trauma, concussion, post-stroke disabilities, seizures, etc.

Who should check balance? 

Potential candidates for balance testing include those with developmental disorders, vertigo/dizziness, age-related balance impairments, post-stroke, brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases and those looking to enhance athletic performance (dance, basketball, baseball, football etc)

Who can benefit from functional neurology?

Patients present with movement disorders, dystonia, Parkinson’s, myoclonus, Tics, blepharospasm, nerve entrapment syndromes, headaches, migraines, various pain syndromes and balance/posture/gait problems are commonly seen. Serious neurological disorders that have remained refractory to other treatments including post-traumatic brain injury, post-stroke, multiple sclerosis and childhood development disorders are also frequently presented for evaluateon and appropriate therapeutics have improved quality of life, activityes of daily living, cognitive and physical function as well as improvement in brain based development of children. Sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, general musculoskeletal disorders are also commonly seen and treated with successful stabilization and resoluteion of symptoms by improving

I don't have pain or severe symptoms. Can I still see you? 

People who just want to exercise, improve general health, enhance sport performance are surely can benefit from our service. Even if you don't have pain or injury, it would be very beneficial to measure your baseline and assess your function to determine what kinds of training would be best for you.  Many people can benefit from checking their posture, balance, range of motions, flexibility. 

Please contact us to find out what we can offer for you. 

Your brain needs exercises! 




パーキンソン病、めまい、転倒、バランス障害、運動障害、発達障害、ADD, ADHD, 関節痛、脳しんとう、脳卒中後障害、認知症、ディストニア、腰痛、肩こり、頭痛、スポーツ障害、ランナー肘、テニス肘、ゴルフ肘、四十肩、五十肩、むち打ち、寝違い、痺れ、姿勢改善、側湾症、不定愁訴、慢性疲労など、様々な問題を抱えている方々でも、機能神経学に基づいた背術と運動で、お身体の機能を回復・改善を目指します。

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