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70 years old - Balance disorder

He noticed that his balance had progressively getting worse. He went to a hospital and was told that he had transient ischemic attack. Even though some neurodegeneration was found in his brain, he was told that there is nothing they can do for him. Meanwhile, his balance had getting worse so that he could not walk for a couple of blcoks. He wanted to restore his balance so he started the brain-based rehab. 


Amy, Traumatic Brain Injury

Amy used to enjoy various physical activities until she suffered from traumatic brain injury. She never gave up on her independence and moving/functioning. She started neuro-rehab in our clinic and saw changes that she could not see before.


30 years old - Concussion

Mat had a bike injury and was diagnosed with concussion. For a long time, he was prescribed medication but suffer from headache and depression. He was relying on medication but still suffer from severe dizziness and disable him from normal daily activities. 

Therefore, he looked for alternatives and end up in our office. Please hear his story. 


49 years old female - Severe vertigo

“I was suffering from severe vertigo, headaches and hand tremors. In less than 2 weeks, my vertigo is completely gone, headaches are much less frequent and much less severe, and the tremors are significantly reduced. Rather than treating symptoms with medicine, we are treating the cause. I am so grateful!, Caring approach, always willing to answer questions. I am amazed at how quickly my mind responded to the simple therapies."


28 years old female - balance disorder

“Vast improvement in my ability to balance, walk and complete everyday tasks. I went from falling and waling into walls to being able to balance with my eyes open and closed. It stands out that amount of time and personalized attention spent with me. Clear pictures of my progress and what I still need to work on. This is a great place to come for anything. They are able to help you with all kinds of problems, when the “doctors” can’t"


55 years old female- Joints pain

“4 weeks ago I could not move one of my fingers. Also I had a lot of inflammation and pain in my two knees. Today I am able to move my finger, and the pain in my knees is all but gone. Doctor has helped me enormously and exceeded my expectations. He applies the laser and manipulates my joints with much care and patience. I am very happy with the results and would recommend this therapy to anyone. This doctor is very attentive and takes time to explain the treatment. He answes all my questions and is very professional and caring."

joint pai

38 years old female - Acute low back pain

“Thank you very much for seeing me with such a short notice.  I could not walk, stand or even sit witout having severe pain. I was surprisingly amazed that it took only 1 treatment to get the result! I became able to move and walk much better after Dr.Ikeda's treatment. Thank you! "


58 years old female - Failed Low Back Surgery Syndrome

“After my back surgery failed, I tried everything to relieve my low back pain. After years of tyring physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, pain medications, I finally found Dr. Ikeda. He helped my low back pain very quickly and I finally got relief. "

XX years old male- Parkinson's disease

“Even though I'm diagnosed with parkinson's disease and there is no cure, I still have hope. Thanks to Dr.Ikeda, I've maintained my balance and ability to play music. His exercises are wonderful and I know it's helping me a lot. "

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