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Based on brain science

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Based on individual functional movement deficits and dysfunctions, we design specific exercises and process to rehabilitate those dysfunctions. We integrate the concept of "Functional" neurology, movement, training and pattern to rehabilitate and enhance brain function. 


Vestibular rehabilitation

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Vestibular system is a sensory system that detects spatial orientation, head movements and sense of balance to coordinate head, eyes and body movements. It is a vital system to maintain the balance and posture. Depending on your functional state of vestibular system, we may utilize vestibular function to rehabilitate your balance and posture. If you have vertigo or dizziness, our examination helps us understand the cause, central or peripheral disorders. We perform appropriate procedures depending on the cause and help you restore vestibular function. 


Functional Taping (Dynamic Tape)


Functional taping is a rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to fascilitate healing process while providing support adn stability to muscles and joints without restricing the body's range of motion. Kinesio tape or Dynamic tape may be applied to the patient specifically based on the examinations and his/her needs of stabilization. 

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FitLight Trainer

FitLight Trainer is used to train one's reaction speed, agility, movement quality, cognitive and dual tasks. Sensors are used and data is recorded so that outcome of training will be clear to see. 


Interactive Metronome

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IM is a research-based training program that helps children and adults improve attention, motor skills, balance, coordination, memory and cognitive function. It has been reported that IM can help a wide variety of conditions such as mild traumatic brain injury, ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, dyspraxia, learning disability, stuttering, sensory processing disorder, Parkinson’s, post-stroke, concussion, sports performance


Primitive reflex integration

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Children developmental issues are frequently connected with retaining primitive reflexes. We assess children's primitive reflexes and brain functions comprehensively. We perform primitive reflexes integrative exercises and teach you what training will be necessary. 


Corrective exercise

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When there are dysfunctional movement patterns and movement deficits, it is important to restore correct biomechanics which affect entire body.  


Core and performance enhancement


Core strengths are essential to execute limbs movements. In order to move your limbs, the core has be stable. We assess core strengths in various ways, specific to your desired functions. Therefore, we know which kinds of core exercises are appropriate for you.  

We see many different athletes in various levels; basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, dance...etc. By analyzing your fundamental movements, we can tell which exercises would be appropriate and necessary for you to go to next level. 


Suspension exercise (REDCORD)

Redcord suspension provides an unique environment for patients to learn neuromuscular control and stability. It helps patients achieve pain-free control of functional movement very quickly. 


Motion Guidance

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The Motion Guidance system provides instant visual feedback when performing exercises. Studies have shown that integrating visual feedback external cues allows for superior learning and engagement. Take your therapy to the next level and VISUALIZE progress!


Visualize results of rehabilitation

Our cutting edge technology allows us to measure functions of brain. It's important for you to feel better and resolve symptoms. However, disappearing symptoms does not equal restoring functions.  Often time, it's hard for clinicians to assess improvement of functions by naked eyes. Because, unlike exercises that intended to decrease weights or enhance muscle mass, rehabilitation focusing on restoring functions is complicated and require understanding of neurology in depth. Therefore, we utilize various equipments to visualize functions and apply knowledge of brain science. We focus not only subjective improvement, but also functional enhancement. For instance, something that you could not do, such as standing on single feet for 10 sec with eyes closed, you will be able to do it by enhancing your functions. Examples of functional improvement that is visualized is following graph.

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How to build individualized plan

Rehabilitation and training in our office are based on brain science. It results from Dr.Ikeda's education of chiropractic and extensive knowledge of functional neurology and biomechanics. 

In addition to functional neurology, Dr.Ikeda is certified by various movement assessment approaches such as  SFMA, FMS, Y-BALANCE, Functional Range Conditioning, Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab.

Just like manual therapy, there is no perfect one approach of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, there is no golden recipe that work for everyone. Therefore, we have to evaluate people and must build an individual plan based on findings. 

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