Dr.Ikeda is specialized in functional neurology, having 6 years clinical experience in Houston, TX

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We have individualized fee schedules based on your needs and services. 

Do you have something like these?

I want to exercise, such as yoga, but can't due to pain. 

I have pains on hip/knee/ankle when I'm running. 

I cannot move or walk, like I used to. I feel like I'm falling. 

I want to improve my skills and prevent future injuries.

I'm going to a gym for my health but I'm not sure if it's helpful. 

I can't read well or focus on studying. 

I have chronic pain and have repeated injuries.

I know exercise is important but I just don't have time. 

What are you looking for?

  • I want to get rid of my pain. I want to know how to correct my low back pain. I want to correct my posture

  • I go to a chiropractor or massage  for 5 years. I hope to be independent. 

  • I feel my balance is getting worse. I want to check my balance and improve it. 

  • I was told "there is no abnormal finding on your blood tests, images." However, I don't feel good. 

  • I was told to go to a psychiatrist but I don't want to take medications for my condition. 

  • My child is diagnosed with ADHD and taking medication but nothing has changed. 

  • I want to improve my sport performances. I want to improve my golf skills. I want to strengthen my core. 

  • I want to know how to prevent injury. 

  • I was diagnosed with parkinson's disease and told that there is nothing they can do about it. 

  • My child's posture is not good and don't know what to do.

  • My child is diagnosed with scoliosis and want to know what to do. 

  • I was recommended to do exercises but I don't know what exercises I should be doing. 

  • I cannot think of people's name and locations. I cannot express myself well. 

  • I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and recommended to change lifestyle but not sure what to do. 

Theses are all real statements from our patients. Different people with different backgrounds and lifestyles come to our office for different reasons. We help you to find a solution to overcome your struggles and help you to achieve your goals. In order to do that, we perform throughout examinations and build individualized treatment and rehabilitation plan. Our approach is based on recent neuroscience, neurology, physiology, clinical neuroscience. We also utilize cutting-edge technological instruments and equipments to provide accurate and measurable objective data. We evaluate your condition regularly to check your progress and constantly modify your rehabilitative plan, in order to achieve your goal.  

Advancement on western medicine is remarkable. Examination and diagnostic levels, emergency medicine and each specialty's expertise is outstanding. We all enjoy the modern medicine. On the other hand,  diagnosis sometimes depends on examination data too much, resulting in treating symptoms rather than a cause. When there is no abnormality on blood tests or images and no pathological change is detected, functional dysfunctions tends to be ignored. As a result, symptoms such as pain, are treated with medications and many symptoms are considered due to stress and aging. Medical expertise is very important to look at each system but it sometimes lacks to look at connections between each system. For instance, there are connections between gut and brain, diabetes and balance, low back pain and shoulder pain. Due to medical expertise often focus on one system, the concept of a whole body care is lacking. 

We ask your lifestyle, exercise routine, diet, past injury, family history, social life, work environment and find out causes and relationship to the symptoms.  It is essential to find out the causes to solve your symptoms and be independent from treatments.


Your brain needs exercises! 




パーキンソン病、めまい、転倒、バランス障害、運動障害、発達障害、ADD, ADHD, 関節痛、脳しんとう、脳卒中後障害、認知症、ディストニア、腰痛、肩こり、頭痛、スポーツ障害、ランナー肘、テニス肘、ゴルフ肘、四十肩、五十肩、むち打ち、寝違い、痺れ、姿勢改善、側湾症、不定愁訴、慢性疲労など、様々な問題を抱えている方々でも、機能神経学に基づいた背術と運動で、お身体の機能を回復・改善を目指します。

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